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About Us

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Mountain Province Diamonds is a Canadian diamond company. In joint venture with De Beers, we operate the world's largest and richest new diamond mine, Gahcho Kué, located in the Northwest Territories of Canada.


Mountain Province Diamonds also owns 100% of the Kennady North Project and continues to explore for diamonds in the Northwest Territories through targeted drill programs.

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We create value from the Gahcho Kué diamond mine in Canada’s Northwest Territories through our joint venture with De Beers Canada. We work together with local communities to ensure we find the right balance between socioeconomic and environmental impacts.


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Mountain Province Diamonds’ operating approach is founded on respect for this unique region. Our principles and practices have been shaped through our close relationship with the indigenous peoples and are vital to the region’s safeguarding. They also drive our operations’ innovation and efficiency. The value derived from our joint efforts will be shared over the duration of the mine's life and beyond. The people, their land, and the wildlife will benefit from our efforts to minimize environmental impact wherever we explore for and mine natural diamonds.

Gahcho Kué is founded on strong projections. Through our partnership with De Beers we access the unmatched experience of one the world’s foremost diamond producers. Annual average diamond production through to 2021 will exceed 6 million carats, with annual recoveries over the life of the mine averaging 5 million carats.


Mountain Province independently markets our share of natural rough diamonds to the world’s leading diamond manufacturers. We aspire to work with retailers, telling the story of our diamonds, the value they create, and offering consumers a natural diamond that contains the extraordinary nature of the North.

With committed exploration around and beyond the existing mine, Mountain Province Diamonds is resolved to ensure our presence in the region extends beyond 2030, the mine’s current projected lifespan.

Every diamond recovered from Gahcho Kué is a small miracle of nature, released from its source through our exceptional partnerships and practices, and which reflects the qualities of the North and its people.


In August 1992, Mountain Province Diamonds acquired a 100% interest in the mineral properties upon which the Gahcho Kué diamond mine is situated. During 2002, the Company entered into the Gahcho Kué Joint Venture Agreement with De Beers and Camphor Ventures Inc. Under this agreement, De Beers could have earned up to a 55% interest in the project by funding and completing a positive definitive feasibility study.


Under the same agreement, De Beers could also have earned up to a 60% interest in the project by funding development and construction of a commercial scale mine.

The original Gahcho Kué Joint Venture Agreement was amended and restated in July 2009, establishing Mountain Province Diamonds’ ownership interest at 49% of the Gahcho Kué diamond mine and De Beers’ at 51%.

Natural diamonds from Canada’s North, creating value and respecting the invaluable.

60.60 Carat Vivid Yellow Rough Diamond