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Supporting Documents


Sustainable Development

MPVD Guiding Principles for Sustainable Development


Environmental Certifications

Gahcho Kué ISO 14001-2015 Certificate

Licences and Permits

Water Licences

Gahcho Kué Type A Water Licence
Kennady Diamonds Type B Water Licence

Land Use Permits

Gahcho Kué Type A Land Use Permit
Kennady Diamonds Type A Land Use Permit

Environmental Reports

Annual Water Licence Reports

Gahcho Kué 2021 Annual Report
Gahcho Kué 2020 Annual Report
Gahcho Kué 2019 Annual Report
Gahcho Kué 2018 Annual Report
Kennady Diamonds 2021 Annual Report
Kennady Diamonds 2020 Annual Report
Kennady Diamonds 2019 Annual Report
Kennady Diamonds 2018 Annual Report

Environmental Effects Mitigation and Monitoring Plans

Air Quality

Gahcho Kué Air Quality and Emissions Monitoring and Mitigation Plan

Aquatic Ecosystems

Gahcho Kué Aquatic Effects Monitoring Program Design Plan

Closure and Reclamation

Gahcho Kué Closure and Reclamation Plan
Kennady Diamonds Closure and Reclamation Plan

Emergency Response

Gahcho Kué Emergency Response and Spill Contingency Plan
Kennady Diamonds Spill Contingency Plan

Waste Management

Gahcho Kué Waste Management Management Plan
Gahcho Kué Processed Kimberlite and Waste Rock Management Plan
Kennady Diamonds Waste Management Plan


Gahcho Kué Wildlife and Wildlife Habitat Protection Plan
Kennady Diamonds Wildlife Mitigation and Monitoring Plan


Socioeconomic Agreement

Gahcho Kué Socioeconomic Agreement

Socioeconomic Reports

Gahcho Kué 2020 Socioeconomic Report
Gahcho Kué 2019 Socioeconomic Report
Gahcho Kué 2018 Socioeconomic Report
Gahcho Kué 2017 Socioeconomic Report
GNWT 2020 Socioeconomic Agreement Report
Mountain Province Diamonds 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Engagement Plans

Gahcho Kué Engagement Plan
Kennady Diamonds Engagement Plan

Health & Safety Certifications

Gahcho Kue ISO 45001-2018 Certificate


MPVD Business Conduct Policy
MPVD Whistle Blower Policy

Natural diamonds from Canada’s North, creating value and respecting the invaluable.

60.60 Carat Vivid Yellow Rough Diamond