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Mine Plan

Under the current life of mine plan, the 5034 kimberlite will be mined from Q3 2016 until Q4 2021. Pre-stripping of the Hearne kimberlite will commence in Q1 2019 and mining will continue until end 2024. Pre-stripping of the Tuzo pit will commence in Q1 2020 and mining will continue until end 2028.



The Kennady Lake kimberlite cluster is in the southeast Slave Craton. The area was glaciated repeatedly during the Pleistocene, most recently by the Laurentide ice sheet. The Laurentide ice sheet began to recede about 18,000 years ago and the ice retreated past the Kennady Lake project area between 9,000 and 9,500 years ago. Four main pipes comprise the Kennady Lake kimberlite cluster - 5034, Hearne, Tuzo and Telsa. The 5034 kimberlite is an irregular hypabyssal root zone. Hearne and Tesla are transitional diatremes and root zones. Tuzo is the deeper part of a diatremes zone.

At present, Telsa is not included in the Gahcho Kué mineable resource because of its smaller size (0.4 ha). However, it may be exploited towards the end of the project life. The shapes and internal geology of each of the kimberlite pipes has been based on the logging of the available drill core. The external shapes and internal geology of each body was modeled in three dimensions using GEMCOM. Both internal and external models were updated after drilling programs conducted between 2001 and 2011. All the pipes remain open to depth.