Kennady North Projects


Kennady North Location Map

The Kennady North Project covers 67,164 hectares of highly prospective mineral claims and leases adjacent to the Gahcho Kue Mine. The most highly prospective area is the Kelvin-Faraday Corridor, which includes all of the kimberlites in the region that have been advanced to resource status. The Blob Lake and Quail/Fox Lake areas indicated by stars were explored in 2019. 

Blob Lake Plan Map

Two geophysical targets at Fox Lake and one target each at Quail Lake and Blob Lake were tested with limited drilling. Three priority target areas at Blob Lake (red ovals) were not tested. Dashed lines indicate the boundaries of the Kelvin-Faraday Corridor.

Blob Lake Plan Gravity

Ground gravity results for the areas tested at Fox, Quail and Blob Lakes.

Kelvin Camp High Wind

High winds at the last part of the program prevented moving of the drill rig in the helicopter-supported program.

Blob Lake flat light drilling

Flat lighting (no visible horizon) also prevented moving the drill rig in the last part of the program. Crews were transported by snow-tracked vehicles.

Heavy Equipment Demobe 2019

Over 326 tonnes of equipment were loaded onto 43 semi-trucks and demobilized from the Kelvin Camp over a 19-day period in the first part of the program.



The Kennady North Project is located 280 kilometers east-northeast of Yellowknife, NT in the District of Mackenzie. The Kennady North project consists of 16 mineral leases and 58 mineral claims totaling 61,000 hectares.

•Gahcho Kué is located in Canada’s Northwest Territories (“NWT”)
•The NWT represents a mining friendly, politically stable jurisdiction; top ranked across multiple factors
•NWT GDP of c. $3.7bn(1); the mining and oil and gas extraction industry is the largest contributor (c. 25%)
•Situated within a prolific kimberlite camp in close proximity to two other operating diamond mines (Diavik and Ekati)
•Mountain Province maintains strong relationships with the First Nations and local communities

project history

Project History

The Kennady North Project has been the focus of numerous exploration programs since 1992, culminating with the discovery of the Kelvin and Faraday kimberlites. Exploration activity was suspended in 2003 and resumed in 2011. Exploration work has been performed by a number of operators. Initial exploration was conducted under the direction of Mountain Province Diamonds as the 100 percent owner. Subsequent to the formation of a joint venture with De Beers in 1997, De Beers Canada conducted exploration activity. In 2005, Mountain Province resumed 100 percent control over the Kennady North Project and supervised exploration through to May 2012, when Kennady Diamonds Inc. was established.

technical reports

Technical Reports
Current Technical Report